About the Scorecard


This scorecard is a decision support tool to be used in conjunction with Project Level Indicators and management experience as an aid in assessing a project's risk and complexity level. Once the project risk and complexity level is determined, the Process, Methodology, and Documentation Guidelines will suggest the rigor and detail appropriate for that project risk/complexity level. This scorecard should be used as a guideline and not to render a decision on whether or not to move forward with a project. In addition, any project can be managed at a risk level higher than what it scores here, if desired.

Directions for use

For each complexity and risk listed, select the appropriate level for this project from the drop down menus to arrive at a total score or base score for the project. The colored slider can then be used to adjust the suggested score according to the decision authorities risk tolerance for that category. For example, say that more than 50% of project resources are from external sources which would give a suggested score of 10 for Budget Risk, however, you have worked with these external sources many times and consider the risk as low, so the slider is used to adjust the score to 3. Click and drag the blue slider handle to set an adjusted score.


Suggested score categories

20 - 180 (Low)
180 - 1280 (Medium)
1280 -2000 (High)

Project Information



1 - Total Expenditures 0

Should include procurement costs, contractual costs, expected budget for new FTE's, and local staff labor costs.

2 - Impact 0

Effect of the project's overall success or failure on the business goals of the unit, the department, or the entire university.

3 - Resources 0

Size of project team and number of departments/units actively working on project.

4 - Duration 0

Total length (timeline) of project.

5 - Innovation 0

How new, how available, and how much experience does the project team have with the technology selected for this project.


Complexity Total: 0


1 - Schedule Risk 0

How complex or flexible is the project schedule? Does the project schedule have dependencies on things like available resources or deliverables from other projects?

2 - Budget Risk 0

Amount of external resources required (outside your control), e.g., personnel, hardware, software, etc.

3 - Quality Risk 0

Uncertainty in requirements, externally mandated requirements, end user or customer testing, project metrics defined and measurable.

4 - Data Sensitivity 0

If the project involves storing, transmitting, and/or processing sensitive data (as defined in Policy 7010 - Policy for Securing Technology Resources and Service, and the Standard for High Risk Data Protection) then project risk increases and additional security precautions must be taken. Factors contributing to increased risk include using sensitive data outside the secure system where the data came from, and whether that sensitive data is encrypted.



Risk Total: 0